Friday, 10 June 2011

Saint Malo

Next stop in the Brittany tour is St-Malo. Saint-Malo during the Middle Ages was a fortified island at the mouth of the Rance River, controlling not only the estuary but the open sea beyond.
Now it's quite the tourist trap, but it's not without reason. It's an immensely pretty spot where time has stood still and it's fascinating to glimpse a city, in it's entirety, persevered so immaculately.
There's also the natural phenomena of the tidal force in the area. We watched while over the course of the day the waters receded to leave boats scattered across the sandy banks like abandoned toy boats.
In these photos above and below they're all afloat, the pictures below you can see them lying on there sides strewn about the sand.
Mr E and I spend the day walking the parameter of the city wall, out to the peer, and then continuing on until we were back at the city gates once again.
From there we departed by ferry to neighbouring town, Dinard.
Bye Bye, St Malo...

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