Friday, 29 July 2011

Bar The Clinic

If there's one place you go to eat in Santiago, make it Bar The Clinic.
With strong political views, friendly staff, interesting decor, and an outstanding menu, it makes for interesting dining.
Bar The Clinc: Monjitas 578, Santiago- Chile. Tel: (56-2) 639.95.48

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Barrio Bellavista

Back in Santiago, sun shining and walking around Barrio Bellavista. This was a super vibrant area, every other wall had graffiti on it and it was great just wondering though. This is a small selection of some of what we saw.
At the mountain base of the funicular, you can pose and have a polaroid taken with a lama. And, yes, of course we did this!
he was quite dashing with his little hat.
Beautiful ironwork over the windows.
And some nice type.
So weird. Love it.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Viña Del Mar & Reñaca

Continuing our little road trip down to Viña Del Mar. This is a bustling sea-side resort town during the summer months, a little quieter in out Autumn visit. Quite liked this building.
More military ships.
Hotel in the shape of a ship. Headning even further down the coast to Reñaca. Even mistier here.
Stopping off at a local place the taxi driver recommended, we stuffed ourselves with homemade empanadas. So so delicious.
More sky-scraper holiday villas.
Driving to lunch we passed this incredible building, so after lunch we took a stroll back along the road to take another look.
Loving the mid-century style and especially the murals on the walls. It belongs to a university, and it's a research facility.
Right along side the building was a big rock formation and lazing about on the rock were sea lions! Nice treat. They were making quite a racket, black pelicans flying overhead.
And back to my nice building.
All in all, a wonderful day.