Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Beci Orpin

It's time for another pop of colour! Today, courtesy of the vibrant graphic style of Melbourne designer Beci Orpin.I just grabbed a small selection of the beautiful work Beci has from her website. She also has a rather tasty blog here.
I love this bike piece. I kind of want to get a massive load of fluro stickers and attack my bike now.
Two gorgeous mobiles. I can't decide which I like best...want both! There's some lovely things available on her online shop, take a squiz here.
Beci's take on a Christmas tree!
And a long standing mystery solved! I these prints are gorgeous, and never knew who was behind them, until now.
I especially adore this balloon print. Beci, any spare fabric lying about?!
Some other nice bits from the website.

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