Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ij Hallen summer

July! And my first outdoor Ij Hallen for the year. So nice. I think people are much friendlier when it's outdoors. And this trip my collecting was outdone my Mr E who discovered just how many stalls sell records. Most were about €0.50 cents a pop, I think the most he paid was €5 for one. By the end of the day he had 9kg of vinyl (yes, we weighed it!). You figure out how many discs that is :)
So while I waited patiently for the vinyl fiend at one stall, I opposite drooling over mini type in the form of stick pins. You see these a lot in Holland. They're old advertising and commemorative pins. They have every and anything you can think of on them and they're quite sweet. I had a little box of some at home, somewhere, but decided to pick up a few more as I'm sorting out my little craft room and they'll make a nice little decoration. Tomorrow, I'll share the treasure we found, so you can see the pins then in more detail.
Great collection of kids squeaky toys.
'Barbie and her television job', and 'Barbie and Ken'. Way cool. I wish I'd bought barbie and her TV job. bugger. But I was trying to be so good.
Great stall with all things seaworthy.
The view from the other side.
The madness.
Fab old trams.
It was a great atmosphere here this Sunday. Lots and lots of people and I feel like more stores than ever before.
As always, filled with great treasure and great characters.
Some fab graphic charts.
Tomorrow - the treasure! :)

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