Monday, 4 July 2011

More than Fat Lava

It was a local Adventure Saturday this weekend. Breakfast in the hood, dropping off (yet more) art and bits to frame (super exciting), then I headed to a tiny little ceramics exhibition I saw a banner ad for on some obscure website I can't even remember now. This was the last weekend it was on, and leaving Mr E home to work I headed off to check it out. I walked in and was confronted with the image above - vases, vases, and more vases! My first words "I've died and gone to heaven, haven't I?!" Thankfully, I'm still of this world, but the vases were completely out of this world!
Vases in every crazy shape and colour you could imagine. The exhibition's focus was Mid Century German ceramics, and it was just incredible.
I loved this zodiac tile installation.
It was hard to really capture the florescent colour of these vases – they practically glowed! And colours such as these and some of the red vases below you'll not see produced again as the original process involved using such highly toxic chemicals, totally lethal, in fact, that it's now illegal.
We chatted to the organizers and owners of the collections, Kevin and Emiel, who were fabulous characters and just the nicest guys. Incredibly knowledgeable in their field. Kevin admitted he has a staggering collection of over 21,000 vases back home in Germany. 21 THOUSAND!!! Makes my little collection look like a drop in the ocean! Emiel has a great online store with his vases called Retrominded.
So what was the highlight of the exhibition? Well, without a doubt it was about an 40 minutes in, and while on about my 30th lap of the tiny space when I asked if any of the pieces happened to be for sale. The reply? "Almost all of them." Oh gosh!! Wow. Ok. Breathe, Lel. So, having then picked myself off the floor and dusted myself off, I started another lap and tried to narrow down what I might like to take home with me, could I afford it.
Thankfully, in the middle of my internal dilemma, Mr E called and I quickly brought him up to speed on the treasure I'd found and the pickle I was now in deciding which, out of all this glorious baked clay, would be coming home with me. Mr E sensed I needed back up and jumped in a cab headed my way. It was just so overwhelming, but in the most delicious way. 20 minutes, with reinforcement arrived, Mr E could now see just how tough it was to make a decision when faced with such beauties. I must say though, there was one dead set winner from the get go. She's my pride and joy. A gorgeous big vase of minimal form design in colour block orange and green glaze separated by ribbons of rich brown raw earthenware. I was happy to walk away her here and her alone. I was trying to be sensible...
Mr E, as it turned out, was rubbish help! Instead of helping me make one solid decision, he helped me make 5... whoops. And one bold orange move of his own. I think he's caught the bug. But to be fare, they were very reasonably priced, all nothing I'd ever seen in my flea market hunts (they tend to be much of a muchness these days), and all in mint condition. So I'm pretty happy.
An then we had an added bonus as Emiel was clearing out a box for us to take our booty home in, he pulled out a little Danish vase that just so happened to be part of a series I have two other vases in. Bugger. Add it to the box, Emiel! Lovely little thing.
And that was pretty much most of Saturday. So, a small space that I'd never been to before called Punt WG, tucked away behind the corner of Overtoom and Bijderdijkstraat, turned up to be hiding all kinds of delights! I'll have to keep my eye on that space in the future. Ok, back to gazing at my new babies.

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Creeping Beauty said...

love your blog and love hearing about all your good finds in Amsterdam & beyond, just gutted that by the time I hear about them they are over! especially this ceramics show which looks brilliant and which I live about 2 minutes away from but had no idea it was on. Will check out the space now thought. Thanks for all the goodness.