Friday, 8 July 2011


So this weekend just gone was Ij Hallen, pics of the day in the previous blog post. Today's post is all about the treasure I bought back from my beloved Ij Hallen. First up: records! Well, some 45's. I just loved the covers - bold graphics, classic 80's design of the 'PA - doe maar', the great black and white photo for Midnight in Moscow and the illustration on the Philip's 45. They'll be nice decoration. And at €0.50 cents a pop, I couldn't resist.
I'm a sucker for all things flags and nautical.
Fashion print, very 'Mad Men', but I like these dudes. Then mean business! €6.
I was pretty good on the 'attic accumulation' front. I resisted all things for kiddies except these nice brand new board books from Germany. Great illustrations, and few words.
Pins. I mentioned these yesterday, they're all little advertising and commemorative pins. I guess people wore them on their lapels...? I found a whole stall of them and picked out a few while Mr E was absorbed in his record stall behind me.
I think these are just fun. Maybe I'll make a little highway and put them all along it. Or stick them in a piece of foam or something. They're tiny, only 1 or 2 cm tall, by .5 to 2cm wide, most of them.
The mini graphics are brilliant though, and I love seeing all the old logos. The very old little man who sold these to me were selling them for €0.50 each or 10 for €4. I had about 40 and he asked €10.
These are a little fancy.
Zooming in massively to these pins of movie stars and singers.
So romantic. Might do something special with these.
Almost at the very end of the day, last purchase, little pot with some scrumptious illustrations. €5.
I can't resist. I have no defense. I'm just weak when it comes to mid century vases! The one above I have the same from but decorated differently, €6, and the one below I'm going to use in my study for pens or something, €2.
And there you have it. Fantastic loot. The sun was out. Had me a yummy plate of poffertjes and a dodgy hamburger, all good!

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