Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Road trip! Yes! On our second day in Santiago we decided to head out of town to visit the second house of Neruda (see yesterday's post here). We ended up hiring a taxi for the day, more flexible and less hassle than training it as was our original plan.
First stop, Valparaiso, the sea-side town where Neruda had a house up in the hills.

It was a very overcast and misty day, but down on the waterfront you could see all the brightly coloured boats waiting for sunnier weather to take tourist out for a cruise.
Quite a few war ships lurking in the background. There's a bit naval base near by, just down the road.
I loved the contrast in these two buildings. One was owned by the navy, the other is abandoned and in a state of decay.
One of the funiculars, which unfortunately for us wasn't in operation. So the stairs we did climb...
Fab view from the top. You can just make out the docklands in the background through the mist.
And a few pics from around the area on the hill.
Then it was time to pile into the car again and head off down the road...

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