Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Viña Del Mar & Reñaca

Continuing our little road trip down to Viña Del Mar. This is a bustling sea-side resort town during the summer months, a little quieter in out Autumn visit. Quite liked this building.
More military ships.
Hotel in the shape of a ship. Headning even further down the coast to Reñaca. Even mistier here.
Stopping off at a local place the taxi driver recommended, we stuffed ourselves with homemade empanadas. So so delicious.
More sky-scraper holiday villas.
Driving to lunch we passed this incredible building, so after lunch we took a stroll back along the road to take another look.
Loving the mid-century style and especially the murals on the walls. It belongs to a university, and it's a research facility.
Right along side the building was a big rock formation and lazing about on the rock were sea lions! Nice treat. They were making quite a racket, black pelicans flying overhead.
And back to my nice building.
All in all, a wonderful day.

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