Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Last weekend Mr E's niece, Miss B, was in town. She came up for a long weekend in Amsterdam. Sadly, it rained the entire time. Such a shame! But, we tried to make the best of it. Saturday we hired a car and did a little mini tour of North Holland. First stop, Monnickendam.
Beautifully little village on coast of the Ijsselmeer. It's only about a 20 minute drive from Amsterdam.
Picture perfect. A nice Instagram image of a graphic from the side of a cheese trailer on the market I spied. Remembering those who were lost from the village.
Found these little display windows as we wandered back to the car. Only they've got the head of the elephant and dog mixed up. Oh dear. Know your tupperware people...
Just as we were heading back, the sun went behind a cloud, not to return for the rest of the day, and the heavens let rip some torrential rain. Again. We dried off with the car heater as we made out way to our next destinations, Volendam and Edam. By this time it was really horrid out. So I didn't take any photos in Volendam and Edam we just drown around. A tad miserable...but what can you do!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Etsy type tour

Searching on Etsy what to find, what to blog, hmmm.... in need of inspiration. So I searched for vintage type and a few nice pieces popped up. Love these little silver letters with big spikes! Oh the possibilities...on Etsy here.
Next up, lovely 'A' which you can find here.
Classic American block letters for toddlers available here.
Brass stencil letters here.
Prize for the most crazy listing: "A lot of alphabet letters Great for scrapbooking, collaging, journaling". Or if you plan on sending a good old-fashioned ransom note, this one's for you!
Typewriter keys.
Nice marquee ampersand you can snatch up here.
Classic American letters for sports jackets or cheerleaders. Miranda, you know this one's for you! Buy here.
Ok, I realize this is a number but not a letter, but it's a wonderful 5. here.
Metal 'r' can be found here.
Vintage plastic display letters are here.
Child's play set vintage letters. Sold individually here.
A lacy alphabet which you can find here.
Last but not least, big ol' industrial 'N' here.

Monday, 29 August 2011

My Bearded Pigeon

I came across these the other day on etsy: gorgeous map graphic cushions made by My Bearded Pigeon. Lots of different maps, they've for sure got your continent! I picked a few favourites. Above: Antarctica.
The city of Canberra.
The moon.
Prices from USD $60.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Akira and the Ballet

What do you get when you have Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa design the costumes for The Australian Ballet's upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet?
Stunning amazing costumes. Take a peek.
I love this piece with the gun molded into the fabric. Just beautiful.
If you live in Sydney or Melbourne please go see this! I'm sure it'll be an incredible show. You can see some great behind-the-scenes photos, stories and more on The Australian Ballet's blog, Behind Ballet. Check online for tour dates here.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Kylie Pops

Kylie! Has a pop-up-book! How fabulous! Laziness is taking over today, so why type my post when someone's already written it?! Or read more here. Don't judge. It's all thunder, lightening, and torrential downpour here today and this crappy non-summer is starting to take it's toll. Anyway! Moving on.
The book looks fun and wonderful. I want one. Bu at AUD $199 each I think I will have to go without. If you want one, be quick, there's a limited edition of 1000 only, you can pre-order here.
There's a nice blog here following the book's design and progress. Or you can go straight to the genius behind the book, Benja Harney's blog here or portfolio site here.
Looks great! Well done Benja!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sun Worship

Holland loves sun. I think because we're so deprived from it, that when it comes out everyone just drops everything and goes and finds themselves a spot to sit and soak it up. And we've had just the lousiest summer ever this year, a real bummer. I hope we're in for a gorgeous late Indian summer here. Well, here's hoping!