Thursday, 4 August 2011

Buenos Aires

A few different city spots here. Firstly, Puerto Madero, which has gone through quite a rejuvenation in recent years.
Vintage. Who knew Buenos Aires would be a little vintage treasure trove?! First place I found was Anticuario Della Santa Croce (Reconquista 269, open 11.30 to 6pm). I bought a funny little glass clown head. I don't normally like clowns, but the paint on this is mostly faded and he doesn't look scary at all. Apparently he's part of a sweet jar or something, so he's really just a fun little random object in itself now. I liked his state of decay and that he's painted blue, white, blue, like the national flag of Argentina.
Some nice type spied as I wandered through the city center.
This building was the old water station, and it was quite strange in a wonderful way.
A great old sign by the Automotive Club of Argentina.
The zoo is right in the center of the city. Walking past we saw this little guy grazing away. I have no idea what kind of animal this is...but this funny rabbit-y-wallaby creature was pretty cute.

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