Friday, 5 August 2011

La Recoleta Cemetery

A slight change of pace from the bustling streets with vibrant signage, as Mr E and I went to visit La Recoleta Cemetery.
It's full of very grand, quite magnificent, dedications to the dead. We went of a misty drizzly day, so it was a little eerie walking around. Not to mention that there are cats everywhere and one scared the living daylights out of me as it rand down the stairs of an open tomb. So watch out for that!
Some beautiful Art Nouveau carving and ironwork above.
And here almost a comical version of skull and cross bones.
Yes. Coffins. A lot were displayed in full view. A little disconcerting to begin with...
And a collection of details I liked from various tombs.
The streets of the cemetery.
Loving the pyramid tomb, and the one next to it in complete contrast.
A detail from the tomb of Eva PerĂ³n.

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