Tuesday, 9 August 2011

San Telmo

From all the great, diverse neighbourhoods of Argentina my favourite was San Telmo. This is because it's the antique heart of the city. Who knew Argentina would be such a treasure hunting hot-spot?!
We were in this area twice, first time on Saturday and then the following Sunday. I have to say it was a completely different experience from one day to the next. The first day were wove in and out of the shops that lined La Defensa.
Very now and then we came across an arcade of mini stalls. I picked up a rad vintage dress from one such place, and just having got it back from the dry cleaners it's come up a treat!
It was fabulous to just get lost in the maze of stores. I was one very happy happy girl. I found and fell in love with a 1930's child's sun umbrella, in near mint condition. I love it as the fabric is really quirky - it's an underwater theme with divers and octopus and all sorts! Mad. And I also bought a little cut-out of a cartoon character. That's a nice bit of fun decoration for my study.
The next day was Sunday market, and the vibe was completely different. Stalls now lined the street and there tourists and locals cramming to find a bargain.
Great vibe walking through the streets.
The high point, and the best quality, was at Plaza Dorrego.
Here, in our last hours before needing to head off to catch our flight we found one more last momento of Buenos Aires: a wonderful vibrant silkscreen print of the first exploration flight in Argentina. It's dated 1965 but looks very contemporary. So we made our last transaction and then high-tailed it to the metro to get back to our hotel, then onto the airport and home.
It was a short, but oh-so very sweet trip to South America. A little taste-tester to whet the appetite. Hopefully I'll be back again one day...

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