Thursday, 1 September 2011


Last stop for the day, Alkmaar. By this point Mr E, Miss B and I were hungry, cold and still a bit soggy. We lunched then went into the tourist office to find out what we could do in Alkmaar on a rainy day...not much, evidently.We ventured upstairs to the Dutch Cheese Museum, or KaasMuseum in Dutch (oh yes, we did!). Mostly as it was still raining but meant to clear in 30 minutes, so we thought we'd kill the time at the museum. The museum was actually quite nicely done and interesting. They had a good mix of traditional costumes, beautifully ornate machinery from yesteryear, and a lovely big tiled wall panel with a beautiful illustrations of the cheese-making process. I'm not kidding, it was really wonderful. Above, cow milking detail, and below, a coat-of-arms detail.
Then oh my lord, it had stopped raining for a minute! So we dashed outside to have a look around the town.
And...within ten minutes it was raining again. The fair was in town so we decided to give Miss B a view from above the city on the massive Ferris Wheel that was set up in the small town square. A couple of revolutions and two squashed packets of crackers later (don't ask) we came to a stop, and the end of our time in Alkmaar.Finally, exhausted, little Dutch villaged-out, and damp we made our way back to the car to head home. Not forgetting to purchase the obligatory cheese on the way, which has been quite tasty for dinner last past few nice.

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