Tuesday, 13 September 2011

La Braderie on Friday

La Braderie!! So as I explained in yesterday's post, having arrived early for La Braderie weekend Friday, we quickly discovered the market was already underway along the canal edge. So we high tailed it to check it out.
So in 30 degree heat Mr E and I started making our way though the leafy avenue and checked out the goods.
Loved this dress...but no more vintage evening dresses that I'll never wear for moi!
I bought a plate with a pigeon on it. Much to the disgust of Mr E. Why? Because I was sucked in by the story associated with it. It was part of a big lot of pigeon-related stuff: service ware, trophies, certificates, medals, the lot. They were part of one man's collection for his prize-winning pigeons. Above, is the King's award, the highest possible award a pigeon can hope to claim in his lifetime.
My grandfather use to keep pigeons and I remember going out to his house when we were young and seeing if there were any eggs in the nest. Every now and then there'd be an empty egg and I'd be allowed to take it home my new prize possession. Sentimentality won over logic on my first purchase.
Lovely canal view looking back at the craziness.
Amazing to see some the collections some people build up. These bottles look amazing together.
A fab chair.
So beautiful. It was a perfect Friday afternoon.
Records. There seemed to be a lot of record stands this year. And with our new player Mr E managed to hunt down a few gems. I'm loving King Crimson right now.
Comic books galore in the city center.
And wow, day one done!

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