Wednesday, 14 September 2011

La Braderie on Saturday

Day two of La Braderie! Today we had just perfect weather as well. It was a balmy 30 degrees all day and still 27 at 8pm. Wonderful.
Here are a few snaps of the wonderful things we saw today. Above, beautiful signage, but out of our price range and 'able to carry home' range.
Saw a lot of rubber stamps. Resisted...I have enough :)
Awesome old Easter egg molds. Kinda wish I'd at least asked how much these were now. But we saw them towards the end of the day and I think if they were reasonable they would have been gone by then.
This was a toy; three pigeons standing up, with a gun to shoot them down. Lovely printed graphics, but i already had my pigeon plate.
Incredible toy fire truck. Needed a lot of love, but if you had the skill and time to bring it back to it's former glory it would be fantastic. Sadly I lacked both, not to say anything of getting it home. But I just love seeing these items.
A word of warning, La Braderie is not for the faint of heart. It's intense. I think it took us 30 minutes to get down this street, on our second attempt. The first I couldn't handle it.
Lovely ladies.
Awesome Pfaff sign. It was really beat up though, otherwise I would have figured out how to draw it home to my sewing room.
Crazy crap.
Gorgeous travel trunks.
And an absolutely stunning French courrier bag, already sold by the time I spied it.
And then, exhausted, feet numb, backs aching, tired, hungry and in need of a demi-peche, we made our way home to the hotel to relax, and recover in time for tomorrow!

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