Monday, 21 November 2011

Home and back

Hello. It's been a while. Mr E and I left lovely Amsterdam two weeks ago to head down under for a dear friend's wedding. Which, yes, was just beautiful, thank you for asking.
Above, is the view from my childhood bedroom window. I miss home a lot. And I miss this view. A lot. Looking out to the Derwent river, the edge of the water in my suburb of Taroona, is Hindsby beach below. It looks dark only because it's about 3am when I took this. Loving jetlag... by day we actually fact we had beautifully warm sunny days. Glorious. After the wedding we headed to Melbourne, where I took no Instagram pics and as of yet have not downloaded any photos off my camera, so those will have to come later. Lucky for us, we had a stop over in Hong Kong on the way home - sweet! - and Mr E and I made the most of our two days in the HK madness and took in as much as we could, as we tend to do.
Hong Kong is pure crazy, and I love her for it.
And now, back home in Amsterdam. Yesterday was incredibly foggy and cozy and sleepy. Stayed in, caught up on emails, put load after load of laundry on, and tried to stay awake to beat off jet lag so I can make it on time to work tomorrow. Here's hoping I don't wake at 4am...

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