Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tara Leah or The Wedding

Finally the day arrived to pack up the car and head up to the centre of Tasmania to The Wedding at Tara Leah Lodge. The location, as you can see by the photo above, was just picture-perfect. The lodge, magnificent. In their own words "The Lodge was originally built in the 1930’s, in an Art Deco style, to house the cream of Tasmania’s pioneering hydro electricity officers and gentlemen. The guest book featured the powerful and famous and if you have the time to listen, has hosted more than its share of the risqué! Comprehensively refurbished in 2006, The Lodge retains the original 1930’s craftsmanship and now incorporates contemporary Tasmanian design and the latest in modern communication." And, yes, it is indeed as wonderful as that all sounds.
The wedding group gathered in the Lodge Lounge, immaculately restored with it's gorgeous pressed tin ceiling – swoon! – and it's book shelves lined with vintage children's books, roaring fireplace and expansive was made for me!
Mr E fell in love with this room also, but for very different reasons. His, because it also houses super premium cognacs, not to mention a selection of over 200 malt whiskies! I think, each in our own ways, we'd died and gone to heaven. There was a whiskey tasting that evening and I learned a lot from Julian, our host. So if you go and stay for a night, I highly recommend the tasting, even if you're not a connisseur like moi.
The next day (The Day) we took a little walk after breakfast at the surrounding houses (also accommodation). How beautiful are these 1950's bungalow's? I especially love the classic '50's iridescent green paint work on the place below.
I've gotten distracted. We went for a morning stroll, by some marshlands...
Came close to some very big and very hairy beasts...
Then made our way back to the lodge, and looking at the masterful achievement that are the the great water pipes carving through the landscape of the Hydro Electric Commission.
Late morning we took a little journey and bush walk to a very scenic part of the canals by which we had a picnic luncheon and a glass of bubbly.
I snapped away at the local flora, lovely mix of textures and colours.
I was especially enamored with this mass of different mosses. Really stunning.
And this moss on a dead tree, all delicate and pale. Lunch eaten, we headed back to the Lodge, and after a little nap, dressed and went to the wedding ceremony and then onto dinner. The wedding was very classy, gorgeous, wonderfully intimate, and I struggled to hold back the tears. The Bride looked stunning in her Oscar de la Renta dress. The Groom made a touching speech, vows were exchanged, and they were announced as 'Mr & Mrs' and the champagne flowed! And I thank my dear friends to the privilege of having us there.

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