Monday, 19 December 2011

Matthew Northridge

Art by Matthew Northridge. I love bunting, so of course I adore this piece.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Some days are just like this

I'm cheating. It's past midnight and I'm posting for Monday. But technically I'm still up and my Monday's still going. Busy day, had a client presentation to prepare for today and over the weekend another. But that's Ok, that's how it goes sometimes. And both E and I had friends from outta town visiting over the last week. Which was good, but never enough time with those dear gorgeous people. On top of that, we had our Christmas party last Thursday and I got obliterated. Took me two days to recover from the tequila shots. But we need a good blow out every now and then, right? It's the Christmas party season, after all. So that's why today's post is a ramble and a bit rubbish.

Friday, 9 December 2011

mad hatters

It's that time of year again when I clean out the computer and file away all images and linky. In doing so, I came across this wonderful series of paper hats by Stuart McLachlan.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

confetti system

I have a new love, and it is Confettisystem. "Confettisystem is Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, a duo working as artists, stylists, and designers. A friendship born from their shared love of communal celebration and craft-making has brought them together to create a new system."
I think their work is just amazing. Simple, elegant, somewhat nostalgic, fragile, beautiful splashes of colour for your walls, to hang from your ceilings, or cover your walls. I kinda want to go and stock up on some paper now and attach one of the walls in my house...thinking stairway...
Love love love the colours in this shaggy curtain. I love the contrast of sharp fluro colour with the soft texture of the layering. Magical.
You'll notice these popping up in a lot of shop window displays. Which I don't mind.
Sparkly loveliness.
Again, fantastic use of colour. So bright and cheery.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bret & Kermit

How did this not make it to Facebook already? Or maybe it did, and I missed it. Anyway, Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Offbeat Bride

I'm getting married next year and in the hope of making my day a perfect day I've been trawling the interwebs for any and all things wedding related for inspiration. The obvious go-to site is Martha Stewart Wedding. Which is all very perfectly nice...and all very perfectly nice. Knowing I'd want a more down-to-earth and crafty do, a dear friend sent me a link to Offbeat Bride. Which is brilliant.
OBB feature real weddings. Real people. I've selected a few at random.
There's amazing hair-dos.
Fun photography.
And awesome themes. Above: Stacy & Daniel's Episcopal Dr. Seuss wedding. Dr Seuss!!
Above: Lesley & Nick's laid back, vegetarian, Buddhist wedding. Isn't she just adorable?
There's everything from Gothic weddings, to Chinese martial arts weddings, Viking weddings (a surprisingly high number), and it goes on and on. Good fun.
Massive amounts of variety, and lots of interesting inspiration. I warn you, it's quite addictive. And YES, Haloween weddings also very popular. Who'd have thought?!

Monday, 5 December 2011


Hong Kong! Yay! Flying Cathay Pacific was the best decision of the trip as it gave us a 2 days stop over in Hong Kong on the way home. Just enough time to run around and take in the crazy sights. I'd visited my sister there one year with my brother, but I was more than happy to take Mr E to experience the madness himself. The first day we got up early, went for a walk to the Museum of Teaware in Hong Kong Park. It was quite lovely. Amazing ceramics. I took a few pics of my favourites. Above: Ho Tai Kwan: Teapot in Pumpkin shape with handle. Potter, pinching and molding, 1998.
Shing Kue Sheung: Daffodil Tea Set. Stoneware, pinching, 1989.
Lo Lai Fong: Teapot in the Form of a Lotus Leaf with Frog. Pottery, pinching. 2004.
And this shell teapot I somehow missed off recording the details. But it's so nice I wanted to include it anyway.
Hong Kong Gardens by the Museum of Tea Ware. Full of whopping great goldfish, turtles, and dragonflies.
And the flip side of Hong Kong, concrete jungle.
Great little streets bursting with colour and action.
Fantastic weathered signs I wish I could steal.
That evening we took the ferry from Hong Kong Island over to Kowloon and went for a stroll in the Night Market.
Lots of people shopping up a storm.
We then headed up to the Ladie's Market, also buzzing, and with stalls of knock-off designer items. I managed to resist.
No trip to Hong Kong is complete without heading up to The Peak. And the only way to get to The Peak in style is to take the funicular allll the way to the top. Only a 30 min queue, and well worth the wait. You'll get breathtaking views of the city as you steadily climb up the mountain slope and who doesn't love a funicular?!
Our last day of a little extended-stop-over trip. Decided to head back over to Kowloon and check out the Ladies Market by day. Vibrant and fun, loved it. We also walked a little way up the road to the the Bird Market, which is just behind the Flower Market.
Then sadly, it was time to head back to the hotel, check into our flight and head back to reality.
Until next time, HK!

Friday, 2 December 2011


Melbourne. Usually I try and spend a good week in Melbourne to do some sale shopping and catch up with friends. This trip we only had a few short days, of which were packed withe seeing my brothers and shopping with mum. Sorry to those I didn't see this time around! These pics are all from the hotel we stayed at. Love the view.
One day was completely devoted to wedding-related shopping with mum. Which was awesome. I tricked her into going to see The Dress, which got the seal of approval. Phew! Then next we dashed about town looking for shoes, mother-of-the-bride dresses, and fabric for wedding decorations. After a long day pounding the pavement, mum found a nice day dress, but it my sister (not even present!) that got the score of the day - as we found her her bridesmaid dress. Hope you like it when you try it on, CC!
Oh, yeah, and they're tearing down the back of the Myer building. I have to say that usually David Jones is a better department store than Myer, but, oh, how the tables have turned! Myer has had a face lift, is completely re-furbished inside and offered much better selections of product. And, I guess there's a brand new building to come in a year or so. Go Myer. DJ, pull your socks up.
Bye, bye, Melbourne! It was short, but sweet as ever! Next stop... Hong Kong!