Monday, 5 December 2011


Hong Kong! Yay! Flying Cathay Pacific was the best decision of the trip as it gave us a 2 days stop over in Hong Kong on the way home. Just enough time to run around and take in the crazy sights. I'd visited my sister there one year with my brother, but I was more than happy to take Mr E to experience the madness himself. The first day we got up early, went for a walk to the Museum of Teaware in Hong Kong Park. It was quite lovely. Amazing ceramics. I took a few pics of my favourites. Above: Ho Tai Kwan: Teapot in Pumpkin shape with handle. Potter, pinching and molding, 1998.
Shing Kue Sheung: Daffodil Tea Set. Stoneware, pinching, 1989.
Lo Lai Fong: Teapot in the Form of a Lotus Leaf with Frog. Pottery, pinching. 2004.
And this shell teapot I somehow missed off recording the details. But it's so nice I wanted to include it anyway.
Hong Kong Gardens by the Museum of Tea Ware. Full of whopping great goldfish, turtles, and dragonflies.
And the flip side of Hong Kong, concrete jungle.
Great little streets bursting with colour and action.
Fantastic weathered signs I wish I could steal.
That evening we took the ferry from Hong Kong Island over to Kowloon and went for a stroll in the Night Market.
Lots of people shopping up a storm.
We then headed up to the Ladie's Market, also buzzing, and with stalls of knock-off designer items. I managed to resist.
No trip to Hong Kong is complete without heading up to The Peak. And the only way to get to The Peak in style is to take the funicular allll the way to the top. Only a 30 min queue, and well worth the wait. You'll get breathtaking views of the city as you steadily climb up the mountain slope and who doesn't love a funicular?!
Our last day of a little extended-stop-over trip. Decided to head back over to Kowloon and check out the Ladies Market by day. Vibrant and fun, loved it. We also walked a little way up the road to the the Bird Market, which is just behind the Flower Market.
Then sadly, it was time to head back to the hotel, check into our flight and head back to reality.
Until next time, HK!

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