Thursday, 1 December 2011

Russell Falls

Nestled in Mt Field National Park are Russell Falls. On the way back from The Wedding to Hobart we called in for one last dose of nature before leaving Tassie.
An easy 20 minute round trip walk from the car park, it's a nice little trek that anyone can do. Lots of moss. Lots of logs and felled man ferns covered in moss, slowly being reclaimed by the ground beneath them. A very pretty states of decay.
Beautiful rivulets and riverbanks and a burst of spring growth all about.
Then the falls themselves. Not a massive cascade, but lovely, nonetheless.
Really nice just to be surrounded by a lot of green.
Green everywhere you looked. More scrummy moss. I was really drawn to the moss this trip. What's with that? I wonder.And new sprigs of mytle.
At the end of the loop you come to Horseshoe Falls. The mini-me of Russell, equally as picturesque.
And I leave you with anther gorgeous mash up of oh-I-don't-know-how-many types of moss here, forming such a cozy looking carpet along the hillside. And that's my wilderness fix for the next year!

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