Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Paper delight

Today I collected a package that's been sitting at the post office waiting to be collected for about 2 weeks! And I narrowly avoided missing out altogether and having to returned to sender. That's what happens when you let the mail pile up. Things have been super busy here, and I'm slipping in the blog posts, amongst other things. But, I made it! Just in the nick of time. And bought home, for my man and I, a beautiful gift from my second brother and his boyfriend. So spoiled!! The presents couldn't have been more perfectly selected if I tried. Stunning. So tasteful. Divine. And all wrapped in beautiful paper with Japanese bloc print graphics, pictured. Thank you, thank you.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Liberty SS12 Fabrics

The Spring Summer 2012 Liberty Art Fabrics collection is now out! Liberty says it's new collection was inspired by "archives, antiques and costume. Colour palettes were based around mood boards created by eminent contributors to fashion, art and antiques, with prints giving a nod to the beautiful Glencot House in Somerset as well as Olympic motifs." I've picked a few of my favourites. Above: Sarah Rachel Tana Lawn.
Above: Minstral Tana Lawn and My Little Posy Tana Lawn.
Above: Clarricoates Tana Lawn and Fitzgerald Tana Lawn.
Finally: Becci C Tana Lawn. All Liberty Art Fabrics £21 / meter.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Toby & Ignasi

Tonight two amazingly talented friends of mine have an exhibition opening! I can't make it as I'll be half way to Paris to meet my man. But if you're in the 'Dam, get over there are see some fab art.

In their own words...

We are often attracted to things that hurt us. We live in a modern world of both instant pleasures and safety rails. And we're still animals-instinctive, impulsive, blood-sucking animals. With our senses distorted by guilty pleasures, there is one set of rules we make and another that we follow.

By day we're graphic designers, paid to visually communicate. We sit at computer screens, sip coffee, sell products. The work in Allergic to Poison is a reaction against that monotony, both mentally and physically. For this show, we've made physical, tangible, analogue work-gotten our hands dirty, broken things and built things. But we can't escape our habits; we're still drawn to symbols and storytelling. We use bright colors, reference popular culture, strive for clarity.

In this show, we use the concept of slicing to talk about the simultaneous construction and destruction of icons. We build and destroy. We're embracing and rejecting symbols of our lives at the same time. We're interested in fragments, segments and scraps. We split things into smaller pieces to examine them. Impossible frozen moments in time, unreal and constructed.

Allergic To Poison is our reaction to living, our attempt to analyze and simplify our world, our chance to keep the child and the animal alive in ourselves.

Allergic to Poison: Featuring Toby Morris + Ignasi Tudela
Guns & Butter: Lauriergracht 11, Amsterdam.
Opening Friday Jan 27, 6-9pm.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Day trip! For New Year's Eve we headed north west and on the way stopped off in the town of Vic.
Vic is a beautifully preserved town and we lucked out by arriving on market day. There was mostly food and clothing stores, but also the odd book stall and we picked up some re-prints of some classic Catalan kids books. I also love this book cover featuring a bull.
Mr Potato!
Mushrooms and snails.
Beans. Every variety under the sun it seems!
Loved this man and his mushroom stall.
Breads and pastries to die for! Front; cheese cakes, and in the back wonderful crispy flaky pastry with custard filling. Delish!
Tradition: an olive tree with notes and well wishes pinned to it for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012.
Gorgeous building facades.
Tiles from a children's toy shop facade.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sitges part II

Continuing on from yesterday's post on the coastal town of Sitges, Spain.
Great beaches, little streets to get lost in.
Lots of wall plaques around the streets which were really beautiful.
A little shoe store with a lotta character.
Texture, colour, and pattern to feast the eyes on.
Some more modern takes on the tiles.
Then, a short hour later Mr E and I had to dash back to the car, and head to lunch with the family. Only to become stuck in traffic for an hour...! Eeek. Next trip I'd love to come for a full day and check it out properly.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sitges part I

Over the Christmas break in Spain Mr E and I did a little sight-seeing. One fab place we went to was Sitges. A short 30-odd minute drive down the coast from Barcelona, it's a great little coastal resort town.
Fantastic church looking out to sea.
I just had a ball walking around with my gorgeous Mr E, snapping up details of walls, tiles, pillars, doors and more.
The tiles in this place were amazing. So vibrant, and every tile featured a different illustration. Incredible.
As you can see, I really loved this building.
More snaps from Sitges tomorrow.