Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Disseny Hub Barcelona

The Disseny Hub Barcelona, or DHUB, is a must-see for anyone that loves fashion or ceramics.
The building itself is amazing, with the interior hand painted from floor to incredible ceiling with the most extravagant detail.
Above, wall painting detail.
There's a section of furniture and other craft pieces, details of some above and below.
I think this piece is actually German, but I think the illustration is beautiful.
Vibrant hand painted detail from furniture.

Lastly, some floral sculptures made entirely out of sea shells. These were just incredible and in immaculate condition. The museum houses decorative arts and crafts, ceramics (see tomorrow's post), and currently a fashion exhibition. Basically, it's the V&A of Barcelona!

DHUB Museu: Palau de Pedralbes, Av. Diagonal 686, 08 034 Barcelona, Spain. Tel. 93 256 34 65

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