Monday, 23 January 2012


Football!!!! Mr E and I received an awesome Christmas pressie from his sister and brother-in-law – tickets to go see Catalunya play against Tunisia. I was so so so excited!!
We headed to the XXX football stadium, which is just stunning. All around us fans wore their Catalan Rebel flags in support of both their team and for Cataluyna to become an independent republic from the rest of Spain. I wanted one. And I bought one! Though my darling has forbidden me to wear it outside of the arena for my own safety. Such is the tension on this issue.
In we pile...
Above, traditional Catalan dancers coming off after performing for the crowd.
Everywhere you looked - the Catalan flag! Mostly the rebel flag (with the blue triangle and star added over the original yellow and red flag).

A see of flags. I did feel a bit sorry for the Tunisian's, though there were the odd supports sprinkled about.
And we're on!
The game was good, a few close goals, but finally the game finished 0:0.
Good fun, and a great night out!
A few photos as we headed back home, looking out at Barcelona spread out before us. Highly recommend. And thank you, la familia, for a fantastic time!

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Belinda | Myurbey said...

wowwww ... i really hope this winter i will visited this place :)
nice to meet youuu mrs:)