Friday, 27 January 2012

Toby & Ignasi

Tonight two amazingly talented friends of mine have an exhibition opening! I can't make it as I'll be half way to Paris to meet my man. But if you're in the 'Dam, get over there are see some fab art.

In their own words...

We are often attracted to things that hurt us. We live in a modern world of both instant pleasures and safety rails. And we're still animals-instinctive, impulsive, blood-sucking animals. With our senses distorted by guilty pleasures, there is one set of rules we make and another that we follow.

By day we're graphic designers, paid to visually communicate. We sit at computer screens, sip coffee, sell products. The work in Allergic to Poison is a reaction against that monotony, both mentally and physically. For this show, we've made physical, tangible, analogue work-gotten our hands dirty, broken things and built things. But we can't escape our habits; we're still drawn to symbols and storytelling. We use bright colors, reference popular culture, strive for clarity.

In this show, we use the concept of slicing to talk about the simultaneous construction and destruction of icons. We build and destroy. We're embracing and rejecting symbols of our lives at the same time. We're interested in fragments, segments and scraps. We split things into smaller pieces to examine them. Impossible frozen moments in time, unreal and constructed.

Allergic To Poison is our reaction to living, our attempt to analyze and simplify our world, our chance to keep the child and the animal alive in ourselves.

Allergic to Poison: Featuring Toby Morris + Ignasi Tudela
Guns & Butter: Lauriergracht 11, Amsterdam.
Opening Friday Jan 27, 6-9pm.

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