Monday, 27 February 2012

Oui, Paris!

Paris. Sid Lee, the advertising agency where I work, took the entire Amsterdam office down to visit the Paris office and have a little party. Hello long-weekend!
The whole trip was pretty awesome - from the moment we got on the bus to head down, to the return ride. In between...mixing it up with the Paris crew, cheese, strawberry cocktails, saving-grace 2am cheeseburger, metro-ing, Pompidou, art, Ai Weiwei's photography, disco taxi's, queues, 11 for dinner; each representing a different nationality, amazing steaks, €550 magnums of vodka complete with fireworks, fire dancers, magic potion, boobs on display (not mine!) techno-shuffle, 'Let's Drunk' catch-phrase, photos every 3 seconds, peeing in sinks (not me!), 'Ahhyyy yigh yigh's', loitering on the Champ Elysees, watching the sun come up in Paris, cheeseburger for breakfast, sightseeing, Notre Dame, one last coffee...and we're done. Phew.

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