Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Brooklyn Sunday

The adventure continued over the river Sunday as Mr E and I headed to Brooklyn to mingle with the hipsters.
Food first! And we were first in the door (hence why it looks empty) at Cafe Juliette; 135 North 5th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tel: 718 388-9222. Delicious eggs and coffee under the beautiful greenery of Juliette's. Dramarama. Fire. A stack of firetrucks and ambulances.
We then wandered about to the Brooklyn Art Library: 103A North 3rd Street, Brooklyn. Tel: 718 388-7941. An "archive of visual inspiration, gallery space, and storefront offering vintage notebooks, art supplies, and stationary inspired by the past."
It's very cozy and was filled with lots of goodies. There were family looking through the sketch books, which was rather lovely.
I couldn't resist these vintage paper bags for ice cream, cucumber, and peanuts. And I fell in love with this little piggy bucket of pure lard. Amazing. After a while it was lunch time and on the advice of a friend we went to Rosarito Fish Shack: 168 Wythe Ave, North 7th Street. Tel: 718 388-8832.
The food was incredible. Really really fresh and interesting. Highly recommended.
We headed for the main street and spied a lovely little jewellery store called Catbird: 219 Bedford Avenue. It's a tiny shop filled with beautiful jewels. I noticed a very young couple looking at wedding bands, something Mr E and I were yet to do. So once they left we headed over to have a look...and twenty minutes later we had our rings! They very much suit our personal style, and incredibly enough they had the style and colour gold we wanted in our sizes...meant to be! So another big item ticked off the list with ease. with the sun setting in Brooklyn, we jumped in a taxi and headed back to Manhattan.

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