Friday, 2 March 2012

Chocolate Connoisseur

I've blogged about Chocolatl before; wonderful premium chocolate shop in the center of Amsterdam. Now, however, we're raising the bar on chocolate-appreciation as I recently went to one of their private chocolate tastings. Yes, you read that right - private chocolate tastings! Run by shop owner Erik and his wife, who are equally charming as they are informative, and passionate about chocolate. You'll be walked through 10-12 different types of premium chocolate while you sip away on some bubbles. What could be better? I ask you?! We had our tasting after work, and it went for about 1.5 hours. After which Erik explained a little more about some of the chocolates they have on offer in their shop, which they import from all around the world. It's max 12 people per session. I imagine I may need to schedule another session again soon to further develop my tastbuds... :)

Chocolatl: Hazenstraat 25, Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 6 46427203

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Lily said...

That sounds like such a fun (delicious!) date. I want to try this place, thanks for sharing.