Thursday, 31 May 2012

Balcony Before & After

I love the Befre & After posts on Design Sponge, and finally I can do one of my own! Today revealing my little garden balcony and green indoor corner!Above: sad naked little balcony...
Arranging my pots from the garden center – we went to the big one in Osdorp. You can tram there on the number 1 tram, and they deliver any amount for about €22. Not same day, however, and they wouldn't deliver delicate flowers so we took those with us. 
And here it the result! Some lovely hydrangea's, dahlia's, lemon thyme, cosmos, something random I don't know the name of, and nasturtium's to grow a little more wild and get things looking a little less neat.
And the make over didn't stop there! Next to the part of the balcony where the plants are I have house plants. The idea is to draw your eye from the green inside, to the balcony, and tree to feel a little more spacious.
So, above is the before shot of the little greenery we had indoors, all of these poor plants having massively outgrown their pots a while back.
And ta-da! Here we are after the re-potting, all my happy little plants in their nice new big white pots. Lots of room to spread out and grow! Might need some new pot stands as the height is a little high on a few of them, but it's still better than before. A couple newbies in there, too, nice palm-looking thingy, and a bushy green plant. The other little guys and table have been moved to the study.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ben's Vessels

We're well overdue for some ceramicness. Today I have the lovely work of Ben Fiess to share with you. Below: Large Jar in Speckled Surf, USD $100 here, you must pre-order however. Using custom glazes and a unique 4-part construction, the jar closes with two cork plugs and a contrast-colored rubber band. Measuring 6" tall x 3.5" wide. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Icing's on the Wall

No, really. I'm not kidding. This is no ordinary mural art. Made entirely from edible blue paint, white sugar tiles, and icing, Shelly Miller recreates these beautiful azulejo style historical murals. Delicious! Shelly Miller of Montreal, I heart you.The murals have been installed in several ports, including Monteal, and Salvador, Brazil.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bags of Fun

This lady is totally nuts. Nuts about handbags. Nuts about designing them and having bags be pieces of artwork in and of themselves. She even has a bag in the shape of a nut. Inés Figaredo is a lawyer turned designer, and I thinks she has a great sense of fun. Certainly not conventional, her designs feature a foot, skull, hen, walnut, and basically anything else under the sun that takes her fancy. All beautifully crafted. Check out the video below as Inés’ Big Girl Face Bag is being made.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bottle It

I'm a huge fan of up-cycling and think what Gareth Britzman in Lincoln, Nebraska has come up with for all those old plastic bottle is just genius. A designer by trade, Gareth filled hundreds of plastic bottles with coloured water to create a beautiful tropical shade canopy. The result is a flowery rainbow art installation that has a thousand applications. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Meow Meow for Me.

Thursday. And I have fallen in love with this Meow Face Cat Cusion by Beneath The Sun. I don't have a pet. This could be my pet cat. I'd call him Mr Meow. 100% Cotton with polyfill stuffing, machine washable. Measures: 45cm width x 35cm height. AUD $45. And if you're not a cat lover, there's a much of other lovely things on their site to fall in love with, take home and name.

Put a Pin in it

Stunning work today by photographer Philip Karlsberg with his editorial work for Plaza Magazine. Taking pin art to a whole new level Philip show us our fave celebrities in a very minimal, yet instantly recognisable way. All wearing sunnies that giving them the final touch and bringing them to life.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Designer Mail

I love stamps and fashion, so I'm thrilled that The Royal Mail has combined the two in this series honouring ten top fashion houses of England. They include Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, and more.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Eye in the skyline

 Last night Mr E and I decided it was high time we checked out the new Eye. We see it from our front window at home, but have been a bit slack making the journey across the river. The Eye is the home of the Film Institute of The Netherlands, the Dutch center for film culture.
 Last night we caught the ferry over from central station and went to watch Hugo in 3D. Which was pretty good. It's a kids movie, but has a lovely story and great graphics, with seeing, especially in 3D.
 The setting is stunning, set on the banks of the river Ij.
 After the movie we had drinks and then dinner on the terrace which was just beautiful. Lovely way to laze away the evening.
 Some shots of the interior. Loved the light fixtures.
 Continuing down the other side of the Eye, to a lovely open park area by the riverbank.
 Watching the sun set over our house.
The Eye Film Institute Netherlands: IJpromenade 1, 1031KT Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31(0)20 5891400 Bookings online.