Monday, 30 April 2012

Orange and Gold

Another Queen's Day has come and gone. I think this was the best ever. Mr E and I were up early, and with my little granny wheely cart set off for the big treasure hunt! We are experienced flea-marketers, and my eagle eyes soon spied some bargains. We dropped off our cargo twice! Our loot for the days contained a lot of records, comics, picture frames, 50's bunting flags of the North Pole 1958 (amazing) and another place I can't remember now, kids puzzles, vintage kids dress (for the attic), a metal fuss-ball man, a painting of a nude, a small 50's shelf, some fabric, another trolley (oh yes, needed to carry the frames!), lovely 60s hat box for my jewels, ...and what else? Hmmm, that might be it. Good treasure. Tummies were also satisfied with Burger Bar burgers, beer, ice cream, and copious amounts of poffetje's. Delicious. Also saw this incredible Dodge, below. I still can't believe the Dutch weather decided to give us a day of glorious sun sandwiched in between all this crappy wind, rain, and thunder. Thank you, weather gods. Just magic, walking baout the city I love with the love of my life on one arm, treasure in the other, sun beaming down on us. All in all, best Queen's Day ever.

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