Thursday, 28 June 2012

Liberty's new arrivals

Liberty AW fabrics are out! Love the weave pattern above and all the wonderful vintage feel floral prints. Lovely lovely!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Alvaro Sotomayor

Alvaro is an ex-Wieden+Kennedy colleague and friend, and absolutely one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Anyone who knows Alvaro knows that he has vivacious energy and passion for everything in life. He seems to have about ten more hours in the days than the rest of us, too. Between mad work ours in advertising, his gorgeous family, and numerous other projects, Alvaro manages to produce a pretty impressive volume of art. There's a lovely piece just published about him on In The Make. Where there great photos have come from. So, big contracts to you, Alvaro. And click here to read the full interview.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm your Biggest Fan

Paper fans. Another addiction. Today I had a little wonder through Etsy to see what they have in the way of paper fans. Dangerous, but I managed to avoid temptation. I'm more into the Spanish and French fans. First up, a fan that shows you fan etiquette, available here for USD $12.
Next, a lovely Victorian dainty embossed violet floral design fan for USD $26.99.
 Cheating here. This isn't a fan, but a card in fan form. But I liked it so it's in. USD $6.25 here.
Peacock for USD $8.00 here.  
Something for the kids. Cute Japanese fans for USD $40.
Promotional fan for Murray City Coal and Ice Company. USD $15.
Last but not least, a set of three fans. USD $13.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Shawn Kenny

Time for some art. I haven't shared anything from Tiny Showcase in a while, cause nothing really took my fancy, but I really like this work by Shawn Kenny entitled 'French Fries'. Limited edition print of 100. USD $20 unframed, $125 framed.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Ginger Root is Good for You

Ceramic food. Another of my weaknesses. I have a few potatoes, a radish, a sardine, and a snail on my kitchen bench. I'd love to add these gorgeous ginger root to the mix! Cast from real ginger roots in matte porcelain. A colorful, glazed interior glows from within. Approx 6" long. Handmade in Rhode Island. USD $55 per stem. Available here at Leif. I'll add it to my wedding gift registry and see if I get lucky!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Confetti on my Mind

Hello. If you follow my little blog at all regularly, you might notice that there's a lot less day to day activities and fewer Adventure Saturday's this year. That's because I'm in the middle of planning my wedding and it's pretty time consuming, I have to say. All manageable, as I pride myself on being Miss Organized, and I have an amazing family and future family-in-law helping me, and one very very understanding and gorgeous fiancé.
All this wedding planning has only brought me closed to my beloved Google Docs, and Excel sheets, and heightened my urge to colour-code. I'm learning a lot about planning. And all the work that goes into a wedding. And it's a lot. I really respect anyone who's ever planned their own wedding.
Take today, for example, and a simple small element of any wedding: the throwing of confetti after the ceremony. An age old tradition said to endow the recipients with good luck and fertility. Something that will last about 2 minutes out of the entire duration of our wedding. But, wow, there's a lot to learn. And so today, while quiet at work, I learned about confetti. Good confetti. Bad confetti. There are a lot of different kinds. Most venue's these days don't accept rice, seed, or even rose petal to be thrown (rose petals can stain). I also discovered that there's a distinct lack of confetti sources in Holland (shocking...not), and thus where I can buy confetti online. As it turned out, Ebay, my old friend, came to the rescue. I'm currently typing this and haggling with Mick, in the UK for boxes of his biodegradable rice paper confetti - as that's the stuff you want! There's some weird bio stuff about that looks like paper snow I've seen on the interwebs, but it didn't really float my boat so I'm sticking with Mick and his cheesy shaped paper confetti.
So, once the confetti arrives, I need to of course re-package it. This is because 1) I'm an art director / designer so it's and occupational hazard that I need my wedding co-ordinated and elegant. And Mick's boxes ain't elegant with their cheese-ball clip-art graphics. No, sir, not good. 2) I'm a control freak bride (there, I said it), and last of all 3) it's another crafting opportunity just waiting for me and I've found these lovely ways to package confetti on my beloved Martha Stewards site. I'm not going to share now as I don't want to ruin the surprise for my gusts. But they're lovely and will be another fun little production line of work one evening.
So you can see this type of detail multiplied by a lot of seemingly endless details, leaves little room for getting out and about and blog writing. So now I'm just going to bore you all with wedding talk. It'll all be over soon, end of August being The Big Day.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy Healthy film staring Sarah Britton

Remember last Friday's post I shared some pics of a fab cooking course I did? Well now you can get even more of an insight as a lovely little film has been made of the event. Now you can see for yourself just how gorgeous and charming the host and chef, Sarah Britton, really is. And a big thanks to my dear friend, the divine Ms Koch, who's not only the author of Happy Healthy but also head's Koch Productions, a creative services management and production company based here in Amsterdam. Big thanks for capturing the moment in this film! Thank you, Ladies. Looking forward to the next one already.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


The Conservatorium Hotel opened a few months ago and over the weekend Mr E and I happened to be in the hood and checked it out.
It's a beautifully renovated building, and the Brasserie has a huge glass rooftop. Just lovely. There are so few spaces like this in Amsterdam. The lunch menu was nice and fresh. Mr E went for the Sunday Roast, and I the Salmon burger. Followed by...THE most amazing pavlova with passion fruit sorbet and passion fruit topping! It was huge. I ate it all. They also stock the best Cava from Spain, so somebody was pretty happy with that. And it was super delicious, I have to say. There's a restaurant and bar called Tunes, which isn't open for lunch. So we'll have to pop back one day and check that out.
Lots of ceramics on display in the center as their design feature. So you can see where they won me over...
There's a great outdoor terrace area, so on warmer days it's be a great place to hang out. Only there's a distinct lack of goldfish in their pools.
Aside for yummy food in a gorgeously light and bright space, the detail in the original building is just gorgeous. I loved the tiles with bees, spiders and spider web, and pigs!
View out the back at that fantastic terrace. We walked through the building, taking in the interior design - old and new.
The Conservatorium Hotel: Van Baerlestraat 27, 1071 AN Amsterdam

Thursday, 14 June 2012

My New Roots

Back to school time. Yes, cooking school! I signed Mr E and I up for a raw food class to compliment our new and improved healthier eating lifestyle. Organised by the divine Ms Koch of Healthy Happy, we had the pleasure of spending the morning with holistic nutritionist, chef, and blogger Sarah Britton.
Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sarah now calls Copenhagen home. She popped down this weekend to give a series of sell-out raw food cooking classes to kick off her global tour. 
Miss Sarah in action here. Such a lovely lovely lady. Very inspiring, entertaining, and informative.
Mr E and I got up on a very sleepy Sunday morning and had a thoroughly wonderful time learning how to make almond milk, almond hummus, raw tacos, and date caramel! Mouth watering yet? Well then you better dash off to the My New Roots blog and get cooking.
The final product seconds before it was scoffed down. It took all my willpower to stop and photograph this before chowing down. Absolutely amazing, thanks all for a great time!