Thursday, 31 May 2012

Balcony Before & After

I love the Befre & After posts on Design Sponge, and finally I can do one of my own! Today revealing my little garden balcony and green indoor corner!Above: sad naked little balcony...
Arranging my pots from the garden center – we went to the big one in Osdorp. You can tram there on the number 1 tram, and they deliver any amount for about €22. Not same day, however, and they wouldn't deliver delicate flowers so we took those with us. 
And here it the result! Some lovely hydrangea's, dahlia's, lemon thyme, cosmos, something random I don't know the name of, and nasturtium's to grow a little more wild and get things looking a little less neat.
And the make over didn't stop there! Next to the part of the balcony where the plants are I have house plants. The idea is to draw your eye from the green inside, to the balcony, and tree to feel a little more spacious.
So, above is the before shot of the little greenery we had indoors, all of these poor plants having massively outgrown their pots a while back.
And ta-da! Here we are after the re-potting, all my happy little plants in their nice new big white pots. Lots of room to spread out and grow! Might need some new pot stands as the height is a little high on a few of them, but it's still better than before. A couple newbies in there, too, nice palm-looking thingy, and a bushy green plant. The other little guys and table have been moved to the study.

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