Thursday, 21 June 2012

Confetti on my Mind

Hello. If you follow my little blog at all regularly, you might notice that there's a lot less day to day activities and fewer Adventure Saturday's this year. That's because I'm in the middle of planning my wedding and it's pretty time consuming, I have to say. All manageable, as I pride myself on being Miss Organized, and I have an amazing family and future family-in-law helping me, and one very very understanding and gorgeous fiancé.
All this wedding planning has only brought me closed to my beloved Google Docs, and Excel sheets, and heightened my urge to colour-code. I'm learning a lot about planning. And all the work that goes into a wedding. And it's a lot. I really respect anyone who's ever planned their own wedding.
Take today, for example, and a simple small element of any wedding: the throwing of confetti after the ceremony. An age old tradition said to endow the recipients with good luck and fertility. Something that will last about 2 minutes out of the entire duration of our wedding. But, wow, there's a lot to learn. And so today, while quiet at work, I learned about confetti. Good confetti. Bad confetti. There are a lot of different kinds. Most venue's these days don't accept rice, seed, or even rose petal to be thrown (rose petals can stain). I also discovered that there's a distinct lack of confetti sources in Holland (shocking...not), and thus where I can buy confetti online. As it turned out, Ebay, my old friend, came to the rescue. I'm currently typing this and haggling with Mick, in the UK for boxes of his biodegradable rice paper confetti - as that's the stuff you want! There's some weird bio stuff about that looks like paper snow I've seen on the interwebs, but it didn't really float my boat so I'm sticking with Mick and his cheesy shaped paper confetti.
So, once the confetti arrives, I need to of course re-package it. This is because 1) I'm an art director / designer so it's and occupational hazard that I need my wedding co-ordinated and elegant. And Mick's boxes ain't elegant with their cheese-ball clip-art graphics. No, sir, not good. 2) I'm a control freak bride (there, I said it), and last of all 3) it's another crafting opportunity just waiting for me and I've found these lovely ways to package confetti on my beloved Martha Stewards site. I'm not going to share now as I don't want to ruin the surprise for my gusts. But they're lovely and will be another fun little production line of work one evening.
So you can see this type of detail multiplied by a lot of seemingly endless details, leaves little room for getting out and about and blog writing. So now I'm just going to bore you all with wedding talk. It'll all be over soon, end of August being The Big Day.

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