Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm your Biggest Fan

Paper fans. Another addiction. Today I had a little wonder through Etsy to see what they have in the way of paper fans. Dangerous, but I managed to avoid temptation. I'm more into the Spanish and French fans. First up, a fan that shows you fan etiquette, available here for USD $12.
Next, a lovely Victorian dainty embossed violet floral design fan for USD $26.99.
 Cheating here. This isn't a fan, but a card in fan form. But I liked it so it's in. USD $6.25 here.
Peacock for USD $8.00 here.  
Something for the kids. Cute Japanese fans for USD $40.
Promotional fan for Murray City Coal and Ice Company. USD $15.
Last but not least, a set of three fans. USD $13.

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