Thursday, 7 June 2012

San Sebastian

San Sebastian. A mere hours coach ride from Bilbao, and definitely work the effort. This is a picture-perfect little beach resort town in the Basque country. Mr E and I got up at a reasonable hour and were here by midday.
It's a town of merry-go-rounds and ornate band stands.
German bars (...?) serving good coffee.
Hole-in-the-wall shops and narrow streets.
We stumbled across one beautiful children's clothing store, that also sold fabrics: Irulea, which means 'spinner' in Basque. They've been around since 1932 and the store has just stunning classic baby and toddler clothes – a big hit in Basque country. I refrained from buying clothes for the attic but couldn't resit some of the fabric. Picked up some gorgeous stripped linen, which looks like crayon-drawn lines, so sweet, in tow colour ways: bright red and orange stripe on white, and blue and green stripe on white, along with some lovely orange cotton, and sweet floral cotton. Now I just need to learn how to sew!
The marina, and then some photos taken as we hoped on a boat and took a little cruise around the bay.
After quite a blustery cruise we went and wandered about the city in search of food.
Came across a giant, and some very patriotic red and white stripes.
One last look at the beach again, then it was time to head to the coach, and back to Bilbao.
Irulea: NÂș 7 Calle Mayo, San Sebastian.

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