Friday, 13 July 2012

Chock a Block

Building blocks. Classic kid's toy. Love 'em. I had a little peek on beloved Etsy yesterday to see what types are out there. Above, said classic. USD $7.50. 
Then we get a little more advanced with building decoration on the blocks USD $24.00. I have a couple of these...somewhere, in the attic.*
Then a little more elaborate colouring with the above service station and below Tudor-esque buildings top and lower. I love the ones below, I think because they remind me of the Liberty's building.
Next up, printed blocks like the city buildings above, USD $16, and shop set, USD $68.
Then something a bit different. Animal set that I really rather love, USD $18, and fashion set, below, USD $23.
*The Attic. This is actually not an attic at all, but our only actual storage space under the stairs. I'm mostly filled it with kids toys for the future. Partly to be frugal, partly becuase I can't bare to see a gorgeous vintage toy go to waste or a home that might not appreciate it, and partly just obsession. I've slowed down in recent times. But then give me a slow say at work, and the call of Etsy...

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