Monday, 9 July 2012

De Kompaszaal

Hidden gems. I love stumbling across secret and forgotten places. Last Saturday Mr E and I went out to KNSM-Laan along the river Ij. I hadn't been out this way in years, and on figuring out the bus line that stops in front of our house goes directly there we decided to take a trip and check it out. Not mach had changed; Loods 6 is still there, along with Pols Potten homewares (still expensive for what it is), Keet in Huis children's clothes and furniture, Sissy Boy clothing and homewares,and a few other random stores. At the end of the little string of shops was a cafe that I'd never seen before, De Kompaszaal. Starving, we ventured in.
The main dining room had this fasntastic mural against the back wall. Love love love.
There's a big terrace and we sat outside with a handful of other people to have a bite to eat. I ordered a scone with jam and cream, delicious! Edu's nachos were actually Dorritos with out-of-the-jar guacamole and salsa dip. Pretty disappointing. #foodfail. Have to say it was mostly standard bar food crap (bitterbollen, toasties...sigh) But the beer was good.
The building itself was amazeballs. I guess it was / is a shipping headquarters of some sort given the boats hung up everywhere. All in a 50's building it was lovely.
The hallway still had an old public phonebox room! Fun to see, just don't go for the food.
De Kompaszaal: KNSM-Laan 311, 1019 LE Amsterdam.

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