Friday, 20 July 2012

Instant Happiness

Polaroid photography! Love it. Thankfully the demise of the Polaroid never happened with the inception of The Impossible Project. So what's the deal? "In October 2008 The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede, NL, and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. In 2010 Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various, brand new and unique instant films. Therewith Impossible prevents more than 300,000,000 perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete, changes the world of photography and keeps variety, tangibility and analogue creativity and possibilites alive." You can read more about the team here. And you can buy film and cameras from their site too.
I just got a batch of film, a nice mix of B+W, clolour, and old stock. Can't wait to text it out in Barcelona this weekend! Today I'm heading down for three weeks to do an intensive Spanish course...wish me luck! When I'm not studying I'll be revising, wandering the streets, and tanning!   

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