Monday, 23 July 2012

Joining The Dots

Today was my first Spanish school – IN Barcelona! I've taken a self-made sabbatical and have taken a month leave-without-pay right before I get hitched to try and get a handle on this new language I'll be hearing more and more of as time goes by. Mr E is, of course, very much not Spanish. He is Catalan. Big difference. But, you have to start somewhere! My first class was pretty good. School is from 9am to 2pm and the 5 hours flew by! It was nice to get the school out of the way then enjoy the afternoon wandering about Barcelona. Had a nice lunch of jombon, pan con tomate, and a small beer. And then I walked my tootsies off. From Ramblas up to check out the Sandro sale (nada, what a disappointment!) on avenida Diagonal (although I'm sure there's a closer one), then walked north-east back to Gracia, and home. I'm very lucky to be hosted by very dear friends of Edu's, Emma and Alex. Managed to find my way home just fine.
So there you have it, a day of joining up a few more dots on language and Barcelona geography! Oh, and a few more discovering the link between Pinterest account (Demelza Rafferty) and Instagram (misslelly) = Pinstagram. Genius. I guess posts over the next few weeks will be done in the evening, as I keep my future-hubby and familia in the loop with my adventures. Shame he's not with me, but it makes me work harder! Top pic, a nice little stamp shop I came across, and below, is my favourite building in Barcelona, which I stumbled on by accident. Ok, better post this before it's Tuesday already. Buenos noches. Besos. Lel x

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