Friday, 28 September 2012

Binh Tay Night Market

After such a short stay we regrettably had to say farewell to Cambodia as we headed to Vietnam. Although arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, formally Saigon, I loved the energy and buzz about the place and I was ready for some lively city life after a few days in the sticks. We hit the Binh Tay night market.
From the quite of the Cambodian countryside we were then thrust into the crazy of Asian city living. Motorcycles everywhere. Cars everywhere. People everywhere.
We strolled through the vibrant market looking at piles of incredible coloured food. Had we not already eaten a delicious meal I would have had to try some. Especially the iridescent green variety.
Loved this sign.
At night the streets are packed and buzzing with life. Hoards of Vietnamese sitting on what look like children's chairs sitting at children's tables scoffing down dinner. 
This lady was feverishly preparing meals over a hot fire in the very warm and humid evening. In front of here bowl after bowel of shellfish, some of which Edu and I had never seen before. I'm sure they were all delicious.
Grilling whole fish on an open barbecue in sweltering heat.
This was a common sight, women with baskets laden with food, carried on a cross-pole, walking around the city selling their wares. Tough way to make a living.

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