Thursday, 20 September 2012


Two days before The Big Day, you'd expect my family and I would be taking ti easy and relaxing. Not so! What did we do? Headed out for THE most authentic Catalan experience – football! We totally lucked out here; not only was there a game on, at Camp Nou, but it was the Spanish Super Cup between Barcelona and Real Madrid! Now you can't get more pumped up for a match than this!
We headed out to, eeerm, a German beer garden for some pre-game fuel. It happened to be around the corner from the stadium and they served food fast! The we made our way to the stadium, through the massive crowds to our entrance, then up, up, up to our seats. Amazingly, even though I booked pretty late in the day online, we had GREAT seats. We were the third tier up, but the very front row – it was fantastic! I'd told Dad to pack the binoculars, we had a FCB flag on our seat, and Dad and I had bought a FCB scarf on the way in to 1) look the part, and 2) keep as a memento.
The game was great. Slow to start, with not much action in the first half at all, but then the second half began and it was ON! It ended up being Barcelona 3 - Real Madris 2. But it really should have been 3-1. Sloppy work from the goal keeper on Barça's side was a heavy cost to pay.
It was great fun, and a fantastic atmosphere. At the end, in part due to a transport strike, we eneded up walking back home to the apartment. Finally reaching it two hours later at about 2.30am! But, all in the name on sport, and I think we all went to bed pretty knacked but with smiles on our faces. Dad, especially.

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