Friday, 14 September 2012

Paper Love

Paper paper everywhere! This is one of my favourite little gems in Barcelona. A vintage paper empheria store. Randomly open (as with all shops in Barcelona) it's on my favourite antique street.
A small shop but it's jam-packed from floor to ceiling with all sort of wonderful items: match boxes, ads of all shapes and sizes, paper fans, tins, signs, and on and on.
I bought a few nice die-cut ads with movable parts that demonstrate the product being sold: like a kid holding a tube of insecticide, his arm moves so it looks like he's pumping the stuff out. Funny. A great place to go and loose yourself in.
The Amzing Paper Store with No Name*: Calle Banys Nous 19 Tda 08002 Barcelona.
*Ok, of course it does have a name, I just don't know it.

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