Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ta Prohm

Next stop was Ta Prohm, or the the 'Tomb Raider' one, as it's referred to. Yes, parts of Tomb Raider were actually shot here. And now Edu and I want to watch it again and see if we can tell which bits.
Here nature had taken over the temple in the form of vibrant green moss and lichen, and trees.
The place was also crawling with tourists, so it was impossible to get a clean shot of anything. But I guess then you have a scale reference.
It's been somewhat restored, but there are areas that have a long way to go still. But as our guide, Vannak explain, it all comes down to money and such projects are hugely expensive, especially for such a poor country.
Found this little guy crawling the walls. Very tropical looking.

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