Friday, 21 September 2012

The Dress

After a week in Barcelona of Spanish and Australian family meeting for the first time, eating and drinking, tapas and rooftop drinks with friends from all over the world, football, and then more eating and drinking it was time to get down to business and get wed!

And wed we did. I, in this dress. Nope, this isn't me. These are the pictures from the New York designer, Justin Alexander's, website where I fell head over heels for The Dress. I knew I wanted something with a hint of vintage about it, something '50s ballgown' style, and I really thought a fluffy tulle skirt would be divine...and I was right! Especially as I was getting married in August in Spain, something strapless, light and airy was definitely a good idea to deal with the heat and humidity.

Justin says "this flirty, strapless, two-tone tulle tea length dress features Venice lace applications and elegant beading detailing on the bodice. A silk dupioni sash cinches the waist of this adorable dress." The colour isn't white. Justin call's it 'naturel/coffee' but it was decidedly pink in the right light, and who wouldn't want a fluffy pink wedding dress?! Aside from an abundance of pink fluff I love the chunky Venice lacework. It added a nice layer of texture, and made it really more white and 'wedding'.
Anyway, after searching some more and finding I still kept going back to this one dress, and deciding to click their store locator button, by some miracle it came up with Utrecht, just a 30 minute train ride away from Amsterdam. I called, the bridal shop, Covers, who were getting it in that week (omg!) so I promptly booked an appointment for 9am sharp that Saturday morning. I took my a girlfriend and my computer, and with a bit of technical difficulty somehow managed to model this and a few other dresses live on skype for my parent in Tasmania and my sister in Bangkok. I think the video-chat quality was a little sketchy, but we managed. Then with all three's blessing, and a coffee break to mull things over (didn't realise you had to make up your mind on such things literally then and there...word to the wise), I decided that this was indeed The One. So done! First dress I tried on. No messing about. Just how I like things :)

I wish I'd discovered Say Yes to the Dress on TLC before trying on my dress, as then maybe I wouldn't have known a bit more about the process (ie, that if you like a dress you need to make a decision on the spot and put down a down payment at least) and what questions to ask. Though I guess I knew it was The One and it all worked out fine. Oh, and for anyone who hasn't seen SYTTD, be warned, it's highly addictive so don't say I didn't tell you! I have indeed just dragged myself away from it to get back on track with my blogging. Tsk tsk.

On the actual day, I felt every bit the princess-ballerina bride and most importantly, my new husband loved it as much as I did. Now as I hang it in the cupboard for retirement I wonder how I can find an excuse to wear it again before I can't manage to fit into it anymore. Anyone with a mansion in the mood for throwing a ball...?

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