Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Last Temple

Then as we headed to the airport we stopped at one last temple, and I'm afraid I can't tell you the name of this temple either. By this point I was a little weary of temples, and very sweaty. I slowed right down, stopped taking so many pictures and just took in the vista. Sunrise from this temple is meant to be amazing, but sadly we were at the wrong time of day and the wrong season for the show.
Other than the actual historical sights Edu and I loved the drive through all the villages this second day. Fascinating to see the village life. Kids, dogs, chickens, all running amok. The people, very poor, houses very basic all mostly on stilts, planting rice in paddy fields underway. The colours were amazing, and the people seemed happy.
We headed back to the Siem Reap, grabbed some lunch next door to Angkor Wat, watched a monkey in the car park for a bit then high tailed it to the airport. Bye, bye, Cambodia... it was wonderful.

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