Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Soft Spot

I first spied these little guys in an interior shop in Hong Kong. The beautiful brand behind these knitted friends is BlaBla knit dolls. Magic rabbit is fantastic. The cats below, I adore. And the little boy with his freckles. You may recall a hairy little guy from a while back...well turn's out he's a BlaBla creation also.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Confetti Christmas

West Elm have collaborated with Confetti System to add a bit of bedazzle to your Christmas this year. There are tree ornaments, garlands, a topper, and more. Hmmm. Now I'm in conflict: my classic vintage ornament tree, or razzle dazzle?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Vintage Halloween

It's Halloween! Some nice vintage finds on Etsy to get you in the mood. Black cat, classic.
Great set of vintage masks.

Gorgeous little spider with honeycomb paper feature. Love him!
Following on with some more of my beloved paper honeycomb 'cause it's not Halloween without a pumpkin.
Cat's head cookie jar. I'm not entirely sure this is a true Halloween piece, but it looks the part and would be great decoration. And that's all I have time for, work's a bit manic at the moment. Go on Etsy, and seek out some more goodies.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Canal House

The Canal House, or Het Grachtenhuis, is one of the newest museums to open in Amsterdam. I took a tour one lunch hour and it was pretty good. A little smaller than I imagined it would be, there's only one main floor of exhibition, but it's all beautifully set out.
I didn't take any photos early on as i didn't actually expect it to be that interesting....shame on me. The first room tells the story of Amsterdam projection-mapped onto a large model of the city. Following that is a map room about the plans for the new city. Then a smaller room showing construction methods. The fourth room is where I started snapping. A blackened room with a large doll house in the center, featuring projected loops of the 'dolls'. Really nicely done. Each room is a different time period.
Here are a few images spying through the windows.
A fashion shop here, and below a 'modern' house... though it's a little dodgy looking in it's dark interior and red stilettos strewn on the carpet...
 Surrounding walls of this room feature the canal houses in outline. Some have little peep-hols as you can see above.
 The final room upstairs has a huge model of the canal belt, and a projection montage of canal life.
Downstairs there's beautifully restored rooms and a little more historical information. It's quite a simple museum, but I quite like that's it's not ridiculously overloaded with information. The tour took me about 50 minutes, and the time zoomed by. This would be ideal for kids. Every room is different and interesting, a great dose of history for short attention spans.

Word to the wise: buy tickets online. They're cheaper and, more importantly, time coded. Children up to the age of 5 have free admission.

Het Grachtenhuis: Herengracht 386, Amsterdam.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Brooks Shane Salzwedel

Latest artist to be featured on Tiny Showcase is Brooks Shane Salzwedel, with the piece above - mixed media, not a photograph as you might think. Very different to anything I've seen before on TS, so really great to see something fresh from them. I really love the image up for grabs - so serene, so still, and strangely cozy for a winter scene – I feel like I could step into the picture and hear the crunch of snow beneath my feet. Available for USD 25.00, limited edition of 100 prints.
  Another work by Brooks. Love this mountain too. Great stuff.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Pinterest! Latest online love, a virtual pin board where you can keep image boards of everything from illustration to cakes. Mine's been up and running for a bit, if you want to follow my board, click here.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Paso Del Ecuador

I love banners. And, yes, this has somehow become another collection... Above are eight great banners I found in a hole-in-the-wall paper empheria store in Barcelona while I was there on sabbatical. There's one Christmas one, two I have no idea what they are for; the 'EC' and 'CN' but I just loved the graphic nature of them. The remainder are all school 'equator' banners. New concept for me, but it's for being half way through your university studies, when you 'paso del ecuador'. Pretty cool.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Fine Art Museum & Chocolate High Tea

The last day of Honeymoon! Boo! The last day was rainy on and off all day, after heading for a morning walk to the Temple of Literature, the Ho chi Minh Museum and Mausoleum, and then one last stop at the Fine Arts Museum. This museum was one of the highlights. Amazing artifacts and great mid-century art.
Amazing series of wood-block cuts that are then hand coloured.
Incredible embroidered fish. This piece was huge and intricately detailed.
After spending a few hours at the museum, Edu and I went and parked ourselves in the Sofitel Metropole's swanky cafĂ© area and read and drank coffee for an hour waiting for their chocolate high tea extravaganza to begin. The staff kept telling us it was an our and a half away, "we know" we replied, more than content to sit inside the beautiful surroundings while the rain drizzled down outside. When High Tea eventually did come around we gorged on every kind of chocolate delight. Yeah…we did kinda over do it…I blame the threat of plane food for the next 15 hours! It was a wonderful way to conclude an unforgettable trip. And now back to normal posts!!
The journey home was OK. The usual: watched a few crappy movies, ate too much plane food, but with the help of a sleeping pill, I slept a good 6 hours. We arrived 6.30am Sunday morning to a glorious summer's day in Amsterdam. Turns out, that was actually the last day of summer. From 30 degrees, back to 15 and rain. Well, at least we had one nice day. Back at work and catching up slowly on emails, the blog, the house, laundry, and life in general. Happy to be back home. Super happy to stay put for a while and just relax and enjoy being a wife.