Friday, 19 October 2012

Fine Art Museum & Chocolate High Tea

The last day of Honeymoon! Boo! The last day was rainy on and off all day, after heading for a morning walk to the Temple of Literature, the Ho chi Minh Museum and Mausoleum, and then one last stop at the Fine Arts Museum. This museum was one of the highlights. Amazing artifacts and great mid-century art.
Amazing series of wood-block cuts that are then hand coloured.
Incredible embroidered fish. This piece was huge and intricately detailed.
After spending a few hours at the museum, Edu and I went and parked ourselves in the Sofitel Metropole's swanky cafĂ© area and read and drank coffee for an hour waiting for their chocolate high tea extravaganza to begin. The staff kept telling us it was an our and a half away, "we know" we replied, more than content to sit inside the beautiful surroundings while the rain drizzled down outside. When High Tea eventually did come around we gorged on every kind of chocolate delight. Yeah…we did kinda over do it…I blame the threat of plane food for the next 15 hours! It was a wonderful way to conclude an unforgettable trip. And now back to normal posts!!
The journey home was OK. The usual: watched a few crappy movies, ate too much plane food, but with the help of a sleeping pill, I slept a good 6 hours. We arrived 6.30am Sunday morning to a glorious summer's day in Amsterdam. Turns out, that was actually the last day of summer. From 30 degrees, back to 15 and rain. Well, at least we had one nice day. Back at work and catching up slowly on emails, the blog, the house, laundry, and life in general. Happy to be back home. Super happy to stay put for a while and just relax and enjoy being a wife. 

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