Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ho Chi Minh City Wonderings

The first night we checked out the Ben Thanh Night Market, so the second night after a fantastic dinner again we decided to go to the Majestic Hotel for sweeping views of the river and city. Here we watched huge floating restaurants cruise the river. There was one I especially liked, decorated to look like a huge fish. Awesome job! Very nice to sit on the open terrace, in the warmth of the evening, sipping cocktails and watching the world go by... but that's what honeymoons are all about, right?
And here are some random pictures taken from wondering the streets for a couple of days. People selling scissors above, the same kind, hundreds of them, and ten shops in a row all identical.
Moped stacked up with birds. We saw people transporting the most incredible things on their bikes. It's crazy. Everything from huge boxes or bags of product, 4 meter long bundles of pipes, huge gas canisters... just mental.
Lots of shops selling items for worship. We didn't buy anything although I loved it all. And if you are keen, I have to say the products in Ho Chi Minh City were better than those in Hanoi. Nicer designs, better quality paining. Loved the face masks and dragon heads.
Also there were a lot of these three-dimensional structured covered with cellophane. There were planes, butterflies, ships, and more. But they looked too frail to risk packing home.
Drying fish out on the pavement.
One day went to the War Remnants Museum, which was depressing as hell, naturally, but I'm glad we went. There are a stack of military equipment in the grounds as you enter, like this US helicopter. Inside there are several exhibitions, mostly all photographic with a few cases of bullet shells. The exhibitions tell the story of war, the effects of agent orange and napalm on the country and people, then and now.
Rush hour and a million mopeds screaming by.
Roadside market selling dried squid and below, shellfish. All in all a fantastic city to visit.

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