Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ho Chi Minh

Next on the list was the Ho Chi Min Mausoleum and Museum. Sadly, the Ho Chi Min Mausoleum was closed, as Ho was off in Russia getting his yearly touch-up! So we were denied seeing him in person. The Ho Chi Minh Museum was open, however, and was amazing. It was really mental, like a communist disneyland on crack. Loved it!
Where to begin? Ok. First love, the soviet architecture of the building. Grand, huge rooms, very minimal until you get to the crazy beautiful lighting. These photos don't do them justice but they were simply gorgeous.
 And another light. Looks weird from this angle, 'cause it's about four meters above me.
Then we went upstairs to the exhibition space. Insanity. A collection of artifacts and random displays that made no sense. Each display was completely different from the on next to it. Some super elaborate and detailed. Most making little sense. One display looked like the original Superman crystal cave... the other 'explained' (I sue this term loosely) 20th century progress in the rest of the world through a collection of random images. (the photo above).
At the end there's a larger than life image of Ho. And most of the teens filing through the building would stop and pose by him, their hand over his lower hand, so they looked like they were holding hands. They weren't doing this in any mocking way.
Last cultural stop, walking past the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Just as the rain started in...

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