Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hoi An by Night

Like most Asian cities, Hoi An comes alive at night in the summertime. Boats sail the river and there are women selling these little floating lanterns all along the riverbank. I'm not sure if they're meant to hold any special meaning or if it's just for the beauty of seeing them float down the river.  
The bridge was alight with hanging lanterns and we wondered over to the other side to the other side of the river to the night market.
Buzzing with action, the smell of hot fresh cooked food in the air and taking in the sights.
The Japanese covered bridge by night.
 Night games! This game had a clay pot suspended from a string. You see it, you have a stick, you walk a few paces in front as a starting point, are blindfolded, then you can move forward and try and hit the clay pot. Quite funny to watch this Vietnamese piƱata game.
Another game that proved popular was pool, and we passed a massive pool hall on our way from the resort to the town center.

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