Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Jade Emperor Pagoda

Last but not least we crossed the city to the Jade Emperor Pagoda. My eyes at the end of the day our eyes were pained by the exposure to massive bouts of incense smoke, and our camera full of hundreds of photos. Sensory overload. Last temple! This time on the other side of town in District 3.
Here the hot ticket worship item here were turtles and fish. I didn't realise they were actually for worship and not for pets...or dinner...until I entered the pagoda. There's a big fish pond in the center of the courtyard before you enter the pagoda, and it was full of goldfish of every size. Some quite massive.
Further along on the right hand side of the temple was a huge pond for the turtles. Again, hundreds, and it stank to high hell. Looked like a pretty crappy end for the turtles, I have to say.
Again, there was just colour and decoration and copious amounts of incense. Below, people in a frenzy buying up sticks.
Great pink hallway.
This pagoda was the largest of all that we visited and indeed I think the most popular. Maybe in part because there was room in the front to park your scooter. There was a main hall then many little side rooms like the one here, packed with people. You can also go upstairs here, I missed this but Edu went and had an interesting view back town into the pagoda.

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